XR Edinburgh invites you to a People’s Assembly

Extinction Rebellion Edinburgh and the Change is Now bus tour are inviting you to a People’s Assembly that will bring ordinary people together and empower them to act in the face of the climate crisis.

Time: Sun, 2 October 2022, 11:30 – 16:30 BST

Location: Greyfriars Charteris Centre, 138-140 Pleasance, Edinburgh, EH8 9RR

Are you angry about the cost of living? Are you frustrated that we have an unelected Prime Minister, that only 12% of the public thinks is in touch with ordinary people? Are you feeling a sense of despair as the climate crisis deepens every day while our politicians support record profits for fossil fuel and energy companies?

Your voice needs to be heard, and our current democracy doesn’t listen to it. We need to change that. Come to our People’s Assembly, and our day of deliberative democracy.

The climate crisis and the crisis in our society require urgent action and brave, new ideas.

The Change is Now Tour is travelling the UK to bring people together to discuss the greatest emergency facing us, and we want to hear from you!

The tour is visiting Edinburgh on Sunday 2nd October and we would like you to join us for a day of deliberative democracy.

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