Donate to XR Scotland

It’s no longer just about climate. It’s about the cost of living crisis devastating our communities. It’s about the threats to our human rights. It’s about broken politics seeking to divide us. So what is our next step?

COP26 changed climate activism in Scotland. The bonds created between the many participating groups taught us about collaboration and support. If we stand together with striking unions, communities across the world in the frontline of the climate crisis, disadvantaged communities in Scotland, and all environmental campaigners, we stand together for the future of our communities and our planet.

The Scottish Government are failing to meet their own climate goals, and support the oil and gas industry by investing in technology that is ineffective in tackling climate change. Meanwhile fossil fuel companies are exacerbating the cost of living crisis and raking in unprecedented profits, taking no responsibility for the damage they cause.

The majority of people in Scotland support urgent action on the climate and ecological crises. We need your help to bring people together and take action.

Your donation will help us:

  • Take action on a scale that causes significant economic disruption to destructive industries.
  • Make our message known at our actions. £15 pays for a large banner and £40 helps spread the word with 2,000 flyers.
  • Support our local groups to grow, with outreach materials, training and budget for community talks.
  • Make our events more inclusive by providing accessible venues and help with transport costs.

Thank you for making change possible.