XR COP global fundraising

Support actions in Glasgow and around the world.

Help bring Global South rebels to Glasgow so that those most affected by the climate crisis can tell their stories directly to the world.

Fund a media hub in Glasgow to tell the real stories and cut through the greenwashing narrative.

Thank you for everything you can donate!

XR UK fundraising

2021 is a pivotal year for the planet. Help us rebel against the greenwash, and demand real action. Because we want to live. It’s vital we keep up the pressure.

A monthly donation can:

  • Help local groups run ‘heading for extinction’ talks in their community – the no.1 way we recruit new rebels
  • Pay for safe storage: road-blocking structures, stage and sound equipment and the odd pink boat
  • Help us maintain our website and communication tools (Action Network, Zoom etc), to keep rebels connected
  • Contribute to living costs for essential volunteers, who’ve left paid work to dedicate their time to Extinction Rebellion

Thank you for everything you can donate!