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While still online, Tuesday meetings have returned to the old format, where working groups will meet once a month.
From now on working groups will have their meetings as follows:
First Tuesday of each month: General updates meeting
Second: Meetings & Facilitation; Music; Outreach
Third: Arts; Finance; Justice & Solidarity, Disability & Inclusion
Fourth: Research; Regenerative Culture; Media
Fifth (if exists): Talk or workshop

TODAY (29/09)

The first of the new MONTHLY XR Glasgow meetings!
EVERYONE is welcome, to –
🛶 hear about Scotland’s Rebellion 2020 Actions during the month of October
🛶 get updates from active Working Groups
🛶 see others you haven’t seen for ages
🛶 meet/welcome new faces to your Working Groups
🛶 take part in an election by consent for new General Links

The meeting starts at 7pm with a soft start from 6.50pm; it will be approx 1.5 hours long. Hope to see you there. Any accessibility issues, please message Josephine (077848 12130).
Here’s the agenda, zoom link will follow.


Climate Cafe (online)
Date: TBC
Location: TBC

Make it Real August – 14 Sept – Nov

The Scottish Government claims to be a world leader in green thinking, and setting up a citizens’ assembly with the authority to make decisions. Now we are demanding they follow through on these claims and “make it real”. On 14 September, based on a speech to be delivered by Roseanna Cunningham, our Political group will advise whether this should continue, or whether spicy NVDA should be planned around this messaging. This NVDA will likely need to be led by XR Edinburgh as targets are likely to be in the capital.

Make the Connections 14 Sept – 31 Oct

This will take the form of decentralised but synchronised action against the fossil fuel-government-investors links, with the aim of exposing the decades of collusion between fossil fuel companies, governments and investors that has prevented a clean, green revolution.

Communities for Future:
Where Next? SCCAN General Assembly
Date: Sunday 23th Sept 2pm-5pm Please Online.
Book at : https://sccanga13sept.eventbrite.co.uk /

Links to events organised by other XR communities within Glasgow:

University of Glasgow: Facebook, Instagram
Strathclyde University:
Glasgow School of Art
: Facebook, Instagram
XR Youth Glasgow: FacebookInstagram

(all meetings now via Zoom due to current situation)

Glasgow City Centre (event link)

When? Every Tuesday from 19:00 SHARP to 21:00
Please arrive between 18:45 and 19:00 for a 19:00 start.
Meetings will be held online for the time being, we are not meeting face-to-face until further notice. The Zoom online video call link is the same for each meeting – https://zoom.us/j/339059180

Meetings normally take place in Room 898 of the Graham Hills Building, University of Strathclyde.
– For wheelchair or mobility scooter availability, due to repairs the route is more complicated. Security can be contacted via a phone in the lobby on 3333 if a rebel is not there to guide.
– If you are new to XR, and would like a ‘buddy’ to meet up with you before the meeting and let you know more about XR Glasgow, please get in touch.
– A Walking Bus meets at the column on George square and sets off to the meeting at 18:40, if you would like to go along to the meeting with people
If you are new to XR, we suggest to go along to one of the information/induction events first to find out more and ask questions (Scroll up to Upcoming Events)

What will the meeting be about?

We have been having our meetings online during this time. We plan to stay in contact with eachother as best we can. The zoom link is the same for each one – https://zoom.us/j/339059180

Each week during April we will be together for a social, cross-working group discussion, themed sharing circle or climate crisis discussion. To suggest an idea for discussion, please email xrglasgow@gmail.com or suggest on Mattermost in the Meetings channel.

Working groups will be chatting and meeting online. To find out more about working groups, please go along to an Induction/ Information session online, see Mattermost channels or for the list of working groups scroll down.

There will be a “digital walking bus”, that starts 15 mins before the main meeting (18:45). This aims to introduce rebels to the zoom call.
After the main meeting, participants can stay on for a ‘pub’ style social where we can just chatter.


The next climate café will be on: TBC
Location: TBC

The Climate Café is for those dealing with difficult feelings that arise from the climate crisis. It is an open platform for airing non-judgemental personal reflections and thoughts in a friendly space with like-minded people.

Importantly, we will NOT engage in any action planning. The focus is on personal and shared wellbeing, emotions and feelings. We’re holding a safe space to actively listen and supporting each other.


Some of these working groups meet within our weekly Tuesday meetings (see above) but many meet outside of this too. You can find out more about this by coming along to a Tuesday meeting and joining the inductions section or contacting XR Glasgow

Deals with everything to do with actions, bringing all aspects together – from logistics to arrestee support with regenerative cultures.
Arts creates artwork of all forms to spread our message and enliven our actions.
Disability, Accessibility & Inclusion
Disability, Accessibility & Inclusion considers how to make XR more inclusive for disabled Rebels and others with diverse needs.
Finance and Fundraising
Makes decisions on supporting our work financially, maintains our accounts and coordinates activities to raise money.
Justice and Solidarity
Justice & Solidarity works to make XR Glasgow more inclusive, thinks about intersecting oppressions and the root causes of climate injustice, and plans actions in solidarity with other groups.
Media & Communications
Frames and communicates XR Glasgow’s message through the press, social media and other communication tools.
Makes music for XR Glasgow actions and events.
Inclusion & Inductions
Organises and facilitates the inductions for new people, as well as thinking about the experience of new people joining XR Glasgow and how to improve this/ support people.
Outreach engages and integrates people into XR Glasgow through publicity, community-building.
Regenerative Cultures
Regenerative Cultures ensures that we are a nurturing and resilient movement through practical and interpersonal support.
Research investigates the severity of the climate crisis and aims to add scientific rigour to XR’s messaging and actions.


You are also invited to sign up with the Action Network, which will mean that you receive newsletters and other information by email. (LINK) Look for Scotland, Glasgow from the drop-down menu. You don’t need to sign up to any role unless you want to.


Donate to XR Glasgow and help us rebel!


Email: xrglasgow@gmail.com
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