XR Dundee

Email: xrdundee@gmail.com


Normally meets every second Monday, 6-8pm, in the Kydd Building of Abertay University in Dundee. Currently holding these meetings online at 7:30pm. Email xrdundee@gmail.com to ask when the next one is and to get the Zoom link for it.


The Art Working Group’s role is to create banners, placards, props, costumes and any other items needed for actions. XR Dundee has a number of working groups which you can join after joining the overall group, but the Art Working Group is unusual in that it is set up in a way which allows you to join it, if you want, without joining the wider XR Dundee. If you would like to do this, or think that you might like to and want to find out more, email xrdundee@gmail.com


Art Workshop and Talk

Do you like the Extinction Rebellion posters by Slessor Gardens? Would you like to try making one yourself? Are you interested in the connection between art and activism? Come and join Extinction Rebellion Dundee for a free art workshop 12–4pm this Sunday (20th June) in Slessor Gardens. At 1pm, there will be a talk by local artist David McLeish about activism, self-publishing and zines. Stencil and block print your own posters, patches and banners, make a salt dough sculpture or have a go at drumming with our beginners samba band. You can also take home free XR posters. Or just drop by and join us for a chat. Suitable for all ages. Child-friendly and covid-aware. Any questions: xrdundee@gmail.com . Facebook event page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/222162616212320/?ref=newsfeed

For more information about other events, check social media.