XR’s Change is Now bus tour is coming to Scotland

Extinction Rebellion is organising a Change is Now bus tour to visit local groups and hold People’s Assemblies to bring ordinary people together and empower them to act in the face of the climate crisis.

The dates for the tour in Scotland are:

The Change is Now tour is visiting local groups to celebrate their work, offer tools and resources in mobilisation and Citizen’s Assemblies, and build a narrative across the movement and the country – that we’re all in this together and together we can get ourselves out of it.

The Change is Now Tour aims to showcase our big solution: Citizen’s Assemblies on Climate Crisis Now.

At each stop, we invite people to answer 2 questions & write their answers on a piece of paper, which they then put in a box. We will (neatly) write/display the best answers on the sides of the bus, so we can weave together a narrative across the country

Q: What are you most worried about?
Q: What is your vision for a better future?

The situation is urgent and that means it’s time to slow down and listen to each other. We’ve seen where politics based on a divisive shouting match in Westminster has gotten us. We need democratic processes which are capable of handling the level of crises we now face. We need an independent democratic process by which ordinary people sit around the table, learn, listen and overcome their differences to make the decisions we so badly need on the climate crisis and the cost of living crisis.

Get involved with your local group and join the Change is Now tour.

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The Change is Now bus tour is building momentum to disruptive non-violent civil disobedience in London on 14 October and the Big One in Spring 2023.

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