Children playing on a metal XR symbol sculpture, with a blue sky behind, at the Scottish Parliament

Wee Rebels

Wee Rebellion – XR Families Scotland

Facebook group
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Email: [email protected]

Other groups for Young Rebels
XR Glasgow Youth facebook page
If you know of any other XR Youth groups in Scotland, please let us know.

We support the work of Scottish Youth Climate Strike, although we are not directly affiliated.
Scottish Youth Climate Strike website
Scottish Youth Climate Strike facebook

Wee Rebellion Online Meeting
Location: online: Zoom Call
Date: Thursday 6 February 20:30-21:30
Please join for a fortnightly check in with each other to share ideas, see how we’re all getting on, find ways of working together remotely. The link to join the meeting is above. Get in touch if you would like the password.

Wee Rebels Book Club
Date: Every Saturday, 12:00-13:00
Location: Aye Aye Books
Event from Wee Rebellion: XRS Families. Join us in the CCA foyer each Saturday for the meeting of the Wee Rebels Book Club. Every week we’ll read a different picture book followed by related crafts. The books will focus on stories about activism, social justice and climate issues and will be suitable for all ages. This week the theme is Community.

XR Families logo on a map of Scotland, with the COP logo laid over it. Two cartoon children dancing around it.

XR Families at COP 26
Join the team!
Are you looking for a way to contribute to tackling the climate and ecological crisis we are facing? Are you local to Glasgow / Scotland? We need you! Join our planning team for Family Activism during COP26.

Climate Conference
In November Glasgow will host COP26, the next big UN meeting on climate change. Millions of people are awake to ecological and social crises we face, caused by an economic system dependent on never-ending growth and corporate profits. 2020 is a pivotal year: to continue with business-as-usual or to change course?

Living sustainably
Away from the conference halls and media cameras, a global revolution is under way, based on the knowledge that our needs can be met without destroying our world. We have the technical knowledge, the communication tools, and material resources to grow enough food, ensure clean air and water, and meet rational energy needs.

More important than the negotiations between world leaders are conversations between parents and children. More important than the restricted conference halls are community spaces where local democracy can flourish. More important than headline targets are people coming together to build a society which works for all: fairer, connected, and in harmony with the natural world.

Working together
This is a unique chance. We see playgrounds in the street replacing traffic. We see gardens and wildflowers springing up on vacant land. We see buildings becoming hubs for a sharing economy. We see a community flourishing that works for everyone. But this will only happen if people from all walks of life come together and make it. Whoever you are, whatever you can offer, get involved!

Send us a PM or contact us through [email protected]