If we are complicit or compliant we are part of the problem

As the climate crisis happens all around us with heatwaves, droughts, floods, sea level rise and wild fires we (the mass of the population) still do nothing about it.

We know what is causing the climate crisis. Scientists have known since the 1980’s and so have the fossil fuel companies who are causing it.

So why are so many compliant and compliant, why are so few people actively trying to do something about it while the mass of the population just go about their business as usual as if these are just one off random events that won’t affect us, our children and future generation for decades and centuries to come.

XR Gairloch’s excellent and thought-provoking newsletter looks at the current issues, failures and successes of tackling the climate and ecological crisis.

If we are complicit or compliant we are part of the problem…
Public energy companies — the way forward
Heatwaves, wildfires and climate change
The temperature the human body cannot survive
Sustainable Farming/Food
Greenwash, misinformation, hypocrisy and deceit
The Fight Against Fossil Fuels
Why action on the climate crisis is all hot air

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