The Impossible Dream

It feels impossible. The world has to slash carbon emissions by almost half in the next seven years to remain on track for just 1.5C of global heating and avoid the worst of climate impacts. Yet emissions are rising.

XR Gairloch’s excellent and thought-provoking newsletter looks at the current issues, failures and successes of tackling the climate and ecological crisis.

In this issue

The Impossible dream
Carbon capture is not financial viable without huge government subsides
Why continue with the annual COP process
Stand by your principles to cave in to pressure Mr Starmer
Sustainable Farming/Food
Eco’nomic Recovery – Building Back Better
The Amazon Rainforest Is Still Burning
Un Happy Anniversary— Climate change first ‘went viral’ exactly 70 years ago
‘Farming good, factory bad’, we think. When it comes to the global food crisis, it isn’t so simple
How plastic heats the planet
Good news / bad news

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