Climate crisis newsletter: issue 117

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July 28 was Earth Overshoot Day
In historic move, UN declares healthy environment a human right
New North Sea gas project to generate more CO2 than annual emissions from Ghana, lawsuit claims
More failures by the UK government
Taking more and more of our money while destroying the planet
Heat Pumps and the Boiler Upgrade Scheme
Bicycle is the slow death of the planet by Emeric Sillo
Climate Camp Scotland (28th July to 1st August 2022)
Greenwash, misinformation, hypocrisy and decei
Technological Advances
Sustainable Farming/Food
Eco’nomic Recovery—Building Back Better (Mostly Not)
The Fight Against Fossil Fuels
How to Think About Your Carbon Footprint
What is ‘committed warming’? A climate scientist ex-
plains why global warming can continue after emissions
Berating climate deniers isn’t enough – disruptive protest
now seems the only way forward
Why can’t we simply plant more trees to clean carbon
dioxide from the air?

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