XR Scotland tell COP26 to “get tae fuck”

Join us at the gates on COP this Friday. Bring your last ounce of energy, creativity, love and rage as we tell this fossil fuelled charade of a circus to get tae fuck.

Definition- Scottish version of fuck off/get lost/go away, pronounced ‘git tay fuck’.

COP26 has failed from start to finish. We are not surprised. It was designed to fail so that our leaders could greenwash climate solutions and avoid serious action. Their greed and cynicism has destroyed our future.

Enough is enough, It’s time for the whole lot of, these so-called world leaders, tae get tae fuck!

Get tae fuck for not listening to the frontline communities most affected by the crisis.

Get tae fuck for not acting on the science.

Get tae fuck for not keeping us below 1.5.

Get tae fuck for your crimes against humanity.

Get tae fuck for all the misery you have cause the people of Glasgow.

We won’t legitimise them as global leaders when they keep allowing for suffering to go on, and they don’t deserve to be listened to.

We choose to stand with the indigenous communities. We stand with those on the frontline of the climate crisis, the scientists, the delegates who have pleaded for you to act and save their homes, the young activists whose future you’ve stolen, the grandparents who walked to COP26. These are the individuals showing true leadership.

The rest of you, the so-called leaders who come here only to greenwash, can get tae fuck and never darken our dear green city again.

It’s time for us to find a different way. It’s time to turn to new ways of participatory deliberative democracy rather than corrupted, captured democracy.

Before we do that there’s one last task we ask of all the beautiful exhausted and despondent folk who care and despair, those who have the courage to look the truth in the face, including you rebels who we love so much.

Join us at that gates of COP this Friday, bring your love and rage and tell the failing system to get tae fuck.