G7 Day 3: All Hands On Deck

Songs, samba and solidarity as XR Scotland rebels block a road to prevent delegates leaving the G7 conference.

Just before 3pm, XR activists including 3 members of XR Scotland began blocking Higher Stennack, one of two roads in St Ives targeted in order to prevent world leaders from leaving the G7 conference. Several rebels superglued their hands to the road, while two were locked into a purpose built arm lock disguised as a flower pot.

Two people sitting on road locked onto pot with colourful artificial flowers.
XR Scotland rebels locked into flower pot

XR Sambistas, dressed as bees to go with the flowerpot, supported the action by keeping energy and morale high with drumming, chanting and dancing, which also served to draw attention of the press.

Also present at the site were banner holders, police liaisons, legal observers, and wellbeing people, who provided food, water, umbrellas, sun cream and emotional support to the locked-on protesters.

At least 50 police officers quickly kettled the group, including the musicians, preventing anyone from moving in or out of the area, which left some rebels in supporting roles separated from the group.

Police form a kettle around protestors and a samba band on a street
XR Scotland rebels form road block in St Ives, G7

Spectators gathered around the site, dancing, chanting and shouting words of support to the kettled protesters, as well as passing around food, water and hand sanitizer. Supporters threw bottles of water to the kettled protesters when police refused to allow water or food to be handed through. One local resident joined in, arriving with a bag of cornish pasties which were also thrown into the kettle.

Upon dispersing at 5pm, as per the agreement made between rebels and police, the XR Scots involved were arrested but then de-arrested.

Police surround protestors holding up banner saying Tell the Truth
XR Scotland and other groups help set-up a road block at St Ives to stop G7 delegates

XR song carriers sang this song as one rebel was handcuffed and taken away to the police station:

“Let us stand, as we face the coming storm
For we love this land, let’s work for a better dawn
And let us love, like we’ve never loved before
Sisters and brothers, all together,
Let us stand”

Find out more about the G7 Rebellion Core Songs.

Support from Scotland

Hannah, 25, PHD student from Edinburgh said: “The G7 is a meeting of the rich and powerful that excludes some of the nations most affected by climate change.

“I’m glad that people from all across Scotland are travelling to Cornwall to urge the elites gathered there to listen to and act in the interest of those most vulnerable to ecological collapse.”

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