Extinction Rebellion projects COP26 video onto SEC in Glasgow

On the eve of the 5th anniversary of the Paris Climate Agreement, Extinction Rebellion Scotland projected two videos on the side of the Armadillo of the Scottish Event Campus in Glasgow, where the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, or COP26, will be held.

Message projected onto conference building at night. Message says: We are watching you. Don't let us down. CP26: We are watching you. Don’t let us down. SEC Conference Centre, Glasgow

The first video is part of a series of projections that took place in public spaces of 14 cities including Paris, Washington, Buenos Aires, Mumbai and London over the past few nights to launch the ‘COP26: We Are Watching You’ campaign. The second video was provided by Fridays For Future youth climate strike group.

The project was developed by 20 countries, some of them already deeply affected by climate change. Some famous landmarks that displayed the projections include the Capitol in Washington, government and embassy buildings in London, and the Congress building in Argentina.

COP26 will take place in Glasgow from 1 to 12 November with more than 200 world leaders due to attend. It is regarded as a crucial event in bringing the world together to tackle climate change. Extinction Rebellion’s global projections draw attention to the lack of action, missed targets and broken promises by world leaders at previous COP events. Along with other activist groups, XR are planning to raise awareness about issues in COP26 every month in the lead up to the summit in November 2021.

Alex from XR Glasgow said “We want our leaders at Cop26 to act according to the science, not to business as usual and greenwashing by large corporations. If we don’t keep the temperature rise down to 1.5 degrees C, there will be immense suffering across the world, and no-one will escape this. Our war with nature will become a war with ourselves. What’s so frustrating is that we have the solutions and the means to fix this. We are watching our leaders so that future generations will know the legacy of their decisions.”

Regional liaison from Asian Rebellion groups, Subzi, said: “This cannot be like the previous COPs. The stakes are higher and we can see already the direct repercussions of not taking the necessary steps. We can’t afford to just “talk” while civilizations crumble in the Global South.”

Cathy from XRCOP stated “The 25 meetings of COP have so far only achieved the Paris Agreement. Though a start in terms of coming together, the Paris Agreement is not nearly enough to protect humanity. The world is watching as time runs out. Fires, floods, sea level rise, heat waves, drought, food insecurity – all these are happening now. But just around the corner, we can see that much worse is coming. COP26 is a historic opportunity for a just and fair agreement to control climate heating to 1.5 degrees Celsius. The COP26 process is under global scrutiny.”

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More information about COP26: We Are Watching You and how to get involved can be found at https://www.instagram.com/cop26_extinctionrebellion/


Press Release: Glasgow, Scotland, 12 Dec 2020