FLOODLINES ON LEITH: Extinction Rebellion Edinburgh take action to highlight the real threat of flooding to Leith due to rising sea levels – caused by climate change.

Press Release, 9am, 17th October 2020

  • 1.30pm, Scottish Government’s Victoria Quay Building, Leith, Edinburgh, EH6 6QQ.
  • Extinction Rebellion Edinburgh will demonstrate outside Scottish Government Victoria Quay building, marking the predicted floodlines with chalk.
  • Expect boats, snorkels and swimwear.

Today at 1.30pm, Extinction Rebellion Edinburgh are taking action outside the Scottish Government offices in Leith, Victoria Quay to draw attention to the flooding risk to Leith caused by climate change. Expect inflatables, boats, snorkels, swimwear and flippers. 

By 2050, much of Leith is expected to be subject to regularflooding, and all the carnage and damage to people’s lives that will entail. The Scottish Government’s Victoria Quay building, which houses their environmental offices, will certainly be at risk. There are 190 million people currently living on land that is projected to be completely lost to sea level rise by 2100. Most of these people live in countries least responsible for the climate crisis, but will be worst hit. 

Meg Peyton Jones, a biologist from Edinburgh said, “The climate crisis has already displaced millions around the world, often due to flooding which destroys people’s homes, livelihoods and safety. This should be enough to make our governments act now. However, as they set targets decades in the future, while continuing to encourage maximum economic recovery of fossil fuels, we remind them that disaster is a very real threat to people in Edinburgh too.”

About Extinction Rebellion Scotland

Extinction Rebellion Scotland is a non-violent direct-action movement formed to take urgent action in the face of climate emergency and ecological catastrophe, as part of the global justice movement.

Our demands, issued as a Declaration of Rebellion to the Scottish Parliament and Scottish Government on 24th November 2018, are as follows;

  1. That the Scottish Government tell the truth about the climate and wider ecological emergency, acknowledge and reverse any policies that help drive the climate crisis, and commit to enabling a rapid and just transition to a sustainable and fair society.
  2. That the Scottish Government enact legally binding policy measures to reduce carbon emissions to net zero by 2025, including by replacing a system based on accelerating consumption with one based on ensuring the wellbeing of all.
  3. The creation of a legally binding Scottish Climate Citizens’ Assembly to oversee the changes, as part of creating a democracy fit for purpose and a society that cares for all.