Learning During Lockdown

In this post, we list learning recommendations from XR Scotland activists. If we are able, we can use this increased spare time to further educate ourselves on climate change and other related issues so that we are all better informed and can argue more strongly for climate action in the future.

System Change Not Climate Change: A Revolutionary Response to Environmental Concerns by Martin Empson, Ian Angus, Carolyn Egan, Sarah Ensor, Suzanne Jeffrey, Amy Leather, Ian Rappel, Michelle Robidoux, Camilla Royle and Kohei Saito. This book argues that the political response to climate change must be anti-capitalist, and incudes contributions from leading environmentalists and socialists.

Feral: Searching for Enchantment on the Frontiers of Rewilding by George Monbiot. Feral popularised the Rewilding movement in the UK, documenting the once wild landscape of the British Isles and how we might reintroduce species such as Wolves, Lynx and Beavers to our lands once again. Arguing for a more equitable distribution of land which benefits society and the environment, Feral is a must read.

Time to Act by Christian Climate Action. This is an upbeat account on the rebellions that have taken place so far. The book places Non-Violent Direct Action (NVDA) in a faith context, and sets out the religious and moral argument, from a Christian perspective, for joining the climate movement.

Vegan Vanguard – this is a podcast ran by two revolutionary vegan women, exploring issues including environmentalism, animal rights, human rights, social justice and a host of other political issues, all from an intersectional perspective. They have numerous podcasts focusing on climate change, including; Climate Despair: What Is It and Ways To Deal (Sorta?), and; Should We Tax Meat for the Climate?, but also cover a wide array of different topics. Well worth checking out.

Novara Media – The Coronavirus Climate. Novara Media, an independent news organisation, recently did a podcast with George Monbiot looking at how coronavirus is impacting the response to climate change, and what we should be arguing for environmentally when this pandemic is over.

The True Cost – an eye-opening documentary about fast fashion. The film documents the woeful conditions garment workers are forced to endure to create fast fashion for western markets, and their precarious nature of their work under globalisation and capitalism. Additionally, the film explores the environmental destruction caused by the fast fashion industry, including the river and soil pollution and pesticide contamination.