‘Corona Virus and Climate Change a double crisis’

The current crisis has highlighted many shortcomings of the system we live in. However, we can live the lockdown also as a chance to stop and reflect on alternative ways of doing things, even in our activism.

Our own rebel Mikaela Loach took part in this conversation and told the BBC: “We’ve now had to think about what the fossil fuel industry is going to be like after this, about what the climate work’s going to be after this.”

The video also highlights how people belonging to ethnic minorities and indigenous communities are the most affected by crises, Covid-19 and climate crisis alike. Helena Gualinga, from the indigenous Sarayaku community in Ecuador, spoke out about this: “Indigenous communities are extremely vulnerable to the coronavirus. It could wipe out our elder generation. They’re also facing other crises caused by climate change. When the coronavirus crisis was happening in the beginning my community and other communities were hit by massive floods covering our houses.”

We now have the opportunity to learn from past mistakes and also to pressure governments into listening to what activists and scientists have been saying for a long time: that the current way of doing things is unsustainable.

As Mikaela concludes in the video: “a big thing that we can use this time for is to learn and think about what kind of world we want to create after this, because they’re not going to want another crisis like this again.”

We want a world wgere no one is left behind. We want a world where justice is prioritised over profit.

What world do you want to live in?