Global Climate Strikes

On Friday the 20th September, people across the world responded to the call of the youth climate strikers to join them to protest against global inaction on the climate crisis, with millions of people walking out of school and work to stand together.

In Scotland, strikes took place across the country, with an estimated 20,000 in Edinburgh (despite intimidation from Edinburgh council) and 15,000 in Glasgow alone, with thousands more in other towns and cities, including Shetland, Oban and Peebles.

Thank you to the Scottish Youth Climate Strike people who made all this possible.

Thank you to all the children, teenagers, and university students who decided to skip school to teach us all a lesson.

Thank you to all the parents who understood that their kids are marching for their future, and chose to join them.

Thank you to all the workers who realised that business-as-usual is killing our planet, and gave up today’s pay to stand against it.

Thank you to all our fellow rebels who took it to the streets, marched with us, sang with us, chanted with us, danced with us, and protested with us for a fairer future for everyone.

See below for some wonderful pictures from strikes across Scotland to get a sense of the inspiring day of action that was had…

Schoolchildren at the front of a march holding a large, hand-painted banner which reads 'Global Climate Strike. No Work! No School! No Uni!'
A group of around 30 strikers of all ages, holding signs in front of a large green hedge.
Fort William
A group shot of 100+ strikers in a town square, holding signs with a building and blue sky behind them.
A group of around 20 schoolchildren marching up a street, one is holding a megaphone and two others are holding a sign which reads 'The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it'.
A group of schoolchildren at the front of a march, with one holding a sign which read 'The Rich get Richer and the Climate gets Poorer'.
A group of 100+ strikers of all ages standing in a field in the sun, listening to a speech.