Final Warning- Act Now or it’s too late

What aren’t we getting when over 97% (plus) of all climate scientists are telling us that it is now or never and still we let governments and private companies do the exact opposite to what is required to stop the climate catastrophe happening.

Nuclear isn’t green and isn’t cheap
BBC caving into UK government pressure again
Increase hostility towards campaigners and charities as UK government clamps down on public protest
Highland Councils feeble attempt to address climate change
MPs demand Britain quits climate-wrecking Energy Charter Treaty
Corrupt Politicians and Climate Criminals
A ton of fossil carbon isn’t the same as a ton of new trees: Why offsets can’t save us
Is 1.5C still realistic? The crumbling consensus over key climate target
Why are we talking about Britain’s cost of living crisis? The real culprit is bosses’ ‘greedflation’

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