Better Without Barclays – This Is An Intervention

Monday, 14 November 2022 at 13:00, Glasgow

Despite the warnings, Barclays continue to fund the climate and ecological emergency.

But we won’t let them.

Barclays is the 7th biggest funder of fossil fuels worldwide and Europe’s biggest. Since the Paris Agreement that demands urgent and drastic reductions in greenhouse gas emissions that arise from burning fossil fuels was signed, Barclays has given US$ 54.267 billion to key oil, gas/coal companies expanding fossil fuel exploitation, and US$ 166.741 billion to companies active across the fossil fuel life cycle.

Barclays are also funding the proposed Rosebank Oil Field by providing stakeholders Equinor with $2.46 billion of backing since 2015. Rosebank contains over 500 million barrels of oil, which if burned would produce the equivalent CO2 emissions of 28 low-income countries combined.

Join us with signs and banners in protest at the Barclays office on Clyde Place Quay.