Extinction Rebellion Scotland head to G7 in Cornwall

Extinction Rebels from across Scotland are travelling to Cornwall to take part in the protests at the G7 Summit this weekend.

Thursday 10 June 2021
Scotland, UK

An Extinction Rebellion spokesperson from Glasgow said: “Decisions made at the G7 summit this weekend will set the agenda for the COP26 conference in Glasgow in November, so we want to make sure that the world leaders know that we are watching them closely, and they won’t get away with any more greenwashing.”

XR Scotland recently protested greenwashing outside COP26 sponsor SSE’s gas power plant in Peterhead [1] and raised awareness of the threat of flooding resulting from climate breakdown and ecological collapse with a series of creative performances on Monday [2].

More than 400 Police Scotland personnel are also going to Cornwall for the same event. [3]

An Extinction Rebellion spokesperson from South Queensferry said: “It’s a shame that militant policing is going to disrupt the English countryside community. All our plans are non-violent. We need to stop the harm being done by fossil fuel burning as soon as possible if we hope to save the communities in the Global South that are on the front lines of ecological collapse.”

Various activities are planned over the weekend to press the G7 members and guests for change, including marches, speeches and music, and ‘Discobediance’ dancing in front of a ‘Sinking G7’ art installation on St Ives beach [4].

Those who aren’t travelling down to the protest made statements in support:

Anne, 61, retired midwife from Dundee, said: “I wish I could join those from XR Scotland who are making the journey to Cornwall to make sure ordinary people’s voices are heard loud and clear. The G7 summit is so important. We are all focused on Cop26 but I wonder what the powerful and rich countries will plot behind their G7 closed doors in Cornwall. For us who are not in the room their decisions will be life changing. Let’s hope they can at least reign Australia in. [Australian Prime Minister] Scott Morrison’s recent statements are so depressing; it would seem he is happy to see the world burn.”

Simon MacLardie, 53, nurse from Inverness said: “The G7 have an opportunity now to embrace the change that is needed to protect us from climate change and encourage governments to prioritise well-being over economic growth. There are concerns about world economics post-pandemic but now is the time to move away from growth for the benefit of the few to well-being economics within sustainable limits. If we do not act now and continue to consume far beyond the earth’s resources there will be no economic well-being anywhere.”

Hannah, 25, PHD student from Edinburgh said: “The G7 is a meeting of the rich and powerful that excludes some of the nations most affected by climate change. I’m glad that people from all across Scotland are travelling to Cornwall to urge the elites gathered there to listen to and act in the interest of those most vulnerable to ecological collapse.”


[1] Extinction Rebellion activists block entrance to Peterhead SSE power station

[2] Extinction Rebellion Scotland protests: Climate activists across country will take part in creative performance including an Edwardian tea party to highlight sea level rise ahead of G7 Summit

[3] Hundreds of Scottish police officers leave in convoy for G7

[4] G7 Cornwall Rebellion ~ Drowning in Promises 11th – 13th June

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