George Floyd: Standing in Solidarity

We stand in love, rage and solidarity with the grieving brothers and sisters of George Floyd, who was brutally murdered last week by a white police officer. We demand justice. We stand in solidarity with those who have since risen up in the United States against our cruel, racist system which has killed so many black people with impunity.

We see how this exploitative oppressive system of white supremacy is built to put privilege, wealth and power in the same hands over and over again.

In the words of Cornel West, “At the deepest level it looks like the system cannot reform itself… you’ve reached the point now of non violent revolution – and by revolution we mean the democratic sharing of power, resources, wealth and respect. We must fight.”

A riot is the language of the unheard said MLK. So, *listen* hard, and support. As Ijeoma Oluo says, “now is the time to be in service of Black liberation.”

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Here are some ideas on how to support, educate, unlearn and be anti-racist