Extinction Rebellion Scotland interrupt FMQs, demanding action in the face of the climate emergency

TODAY at midday, on the 28th of March, activists from Extinction Rebellion Scotland interrupted First Minister’s Questions to push for greater action on the most important issue of our time: the climate crisis. Activists dropped a banner from the gallery and asked “Will the First Minister establish a citizen’s assembly to address the climate emergency?”.

They aimed to disrupt proceedings and in doing so, insert themselves into the debate, engaging in the format of FMQs – making a statement on behalf of people living in Scotland. However, the Presiding Officer suspended proceedings and the BBC live stream was shut down. 

A spokesperson from Extinction Rebellion Scotland said, “Extinction Rebellion Scotland did not wish to undermine other concerns raised by MSPs, but to highlight the climate crisis as this is not sufficiently dealt with despite its pressing importance.”

The Scottish Government has committed to reducing carbon by 90% by 2050​, promising to make Scotland carbon neutral as soon as possible thereafter. However, given that we have ​less than 11 years to limit catastrophic climate change according to the IPCC report 2018, the Scottish Climate Bill falls short of the ​rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented actions the report deems necessary​. At the moment, neither the Scottish government nor the opposition are willing to take the necessary steps to reach this goal. Yesterday, MSP’s voted 111-6 against declaring a climate emergency, despite ​Nicola Sturgeon meeting with Scottish Climate Youth Strikers on Tuesday and telling them that “Climate change is the single most important issue of our time” – showing that the rhetoric around climate change is nothing but empty words.

The Scottish Parliament and Government are not showing a willingness to engage with the climate crisis and take action where needed. As such, Extinction Rebellion Scotland demand that the Scottish government establish a citizen’s assembly to address the climate emergency, and aim for carbon neutrality by 2025.

Extinction Rebellion Scotland is a movement calling for action on the ongoing climate emergency. They demand that the government tells the truth about the climate crisis, that the government commits to carbon neutrality by 2025 and, that a citizen’s assembly is established to enable a rapid, just and deeply democratic decarbonisation.