Wildlife and Land Reform Rebellion

It is time for Land Reform and an end to wildlife persecution in Scotland.

Scotland is one of the most ecologically depleted countries in the world and our wildlife is in serious trouble, but when it comes to taking action, the Scottish Government is failing to take action. Instead, it is slaughtering wildlife, including protected species such as native mountain hares, beavers, and birds of prey. Land management practices, unregulated killing, habitat destruction, deforestation, and climate change continue to contribute to the decline of Scotland’s flora and fauna.

This decline has been going on for centuries, and is closely linked with the unfair and unequal distribution of land and natural resources. The structure of land holdings in Scotland is the most unequal in the world. Recent efforts towards land reform by the Scottish Parliament, such as the Community Right to Buy, while laudable, have only scratched the surface, and no progress in this area has been made for at least a decade.

We recognise that a successful approach to these complex issues cannot be imposed from above, but must involve civil society from the outset.

For this reason, we call on the Scottish Government to declare an Ecological Emergency and create a Citizens Assembly to address the ecological crisis, including land reform.

Join our action

Join XR in Edinburgh or develop an action with your local group, during the week of 26 to 31 October 2020, with a focus on Scottish Government.

A peaceful action is proposed outside Holyrood on Saturday 31st October with speakers and art in remembrance of the animals that are killed annually on grouse moors and estates in Scotland.

Ideas for actions include banners, posters, animal costumes, giant skeletons of mountain hare, beaver, eagle/hen harrier, 87Beavers art exhibition, music, pavement chalk art, sculptures, face painting, wall murals, mock grouse shoot and fox hunt…

Cut out images (or soft toys) of animals persecuted in Scotland (eg. mountain hare, beaver, birds of prey, fox, stoat etc) laid out like the childrens shoes at Trafalgar Square to represent the animals killed, and continuing to be killed, by the Scottish Government and Nature Scotland (SNH).

Ghost animals: White silhouettes of endangered, persecuted, or extinct animals placed in a range of locations, including spray painting/spray chalk.

Stay tuned, and we’ll update here as things develop!

Why we rebel for wildlife

Here’s our quick guide to why we are rebelling for wildlife and land reform.

Collection of wildlife artwork and models
Wildlife and Land Reform Rebellion art work


These are links to the wonderful online arts resources put together by the arts group for the Wildlife & LR rebellion.

List of arts supplies for actions

Animal stencils for spray painting, incorporating anamorphic stencils for roads

Ghost animal silhouettes for cutouts

Skeletons rebellion guidance for making giant skeletons

XR bird skeleton guidance

The facts

  • One in nine species are threatened with extinction in Scotland;
  • Up to 260,000 animals are killed on Scottish grouse estates every year;
  • 87 protected beavers were shot under SNH licence in 2019;
  • Driven grouse moors cover approx. 12 to 18% of Scotland, but contribute around 0.02% to Scotland’s economy;
  • Around 328,000 ha (4% of Scotland’s land area) is regularly strip burned on grouse moors;
  • Approx. 40% of the total burned area on Scottish grouse moors overlies deep peat;
  • Scotland’s wildlife is killed so that rich people can shoot more red grouse for fun (they call it sport).


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