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Banks and investment

Fossil banks:

Campaign against Climate Change: Switch from fossil fuels! Divest your bank and energy supplier

Banking on Climate Change: Banking on Climate Change 2020 (vF)

How Barclays and other banks are funding climate change

Study: global banks ‘failing miserably’ on climate crisis by funneling trillions into fossil fuels

Banks and fossil fuel investment

Oil and plastic

Sea Change report: North Sea Oil and Gas will break climate limits

The new research in our report shows that the 5.7 billion barrels of oil and gas in already-operating UK oil and gas fields will exceed our fair share of Paris climate goals. But industry and government aim to extract 20 billion barrels – more than 3 times our fair share. If every fossil fuel producing nation did the same as the UK plans to, we will be living with climate breakdown in the not too distant future. Clearly we’ve got to stop drilling.

How fracking in America makes Scotland the home of plastic production

In 2050, the production and incineration of plastic is expected to add more than 2.8 billion metric of tons of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. That’s the equivalent to emissions from 615 five-hundred-megawatt coal power plants.

In 2018, a staggering 450,000 plastic pellets were found on a beach in North Queensferry just 12 miles from Ineos, despite the plant having a Zero Pellet Loss Programme.

The best thing we can do is to reduce the plastic we are consuming and move to a circular economy where there are high rates of recycling and reuse.

Mossmorran: Sepa seeks prosecution over chemical plant flaring


Scotland told it risks missing climate target without urgent action

Scottish climate target missed despite greenhouse gases being halved

Scottish Government must now get down to work on Green Jobs – FoE Scotland analysis on Scottish Programme for Government