Current digital actions

We’ve got some digital actions to get you started!

We suggest you set yourself up with Google Alerts for phrases such as Extinction Rebellion Scotland or Scotland climate protests. When there’s a new article, you’ll get a notification. If there’s an opportunity to add positive comments about our actions, you can contact the Digital Rebellion’s WhatsApp channel and let us know.

If you’re on Twitter, take a lot at Tweetdeck to set yourself up with alerts for phrases such as Extinction Rebellion Scotland.

XR Scotland actions

Contact your MSP: Make it Real for the Scottish Climate Citizen’s Assembly

The Scottish Governments Climate Citizens Assembly is asking for input from the public. Share your ideas

Support our recent Holyrood action and write to your MSP.

Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill (CEE Bill)

Get your MP to support the crucial Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill (CEE Bill) – here’s some useful guidance and a template on what to write.

How to deal with set Conservative and Labour MP’s email responses to the CEE Bill

Other actions: quick and easy

Kick polluters out of COP26!

To world leaders: Stop the next pandemic and save nature

To all European Union leaders: Don’t let the Amazon burn

Petition: Stop the Cumbria Coal Mine!

Sign the international Ecocide Law petition

38 environmental charities have set-up a petition to Fight for Scotland’s Nature.

Save COUL LINKS protected nature from destructive Déjà Vu Golf Course Development

To: Roseanna Cunningham, Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform: Stop grouse shooting’s war on wildlife

Other actions: need a bit more work

Switch to another bank – get inspired by how a Moray pensioner quit Barclays after 75 years because of its dirty investments in fossil fuels. You can also use this template bank letter to write to your bank. (Please note that those receiving benefits are not advised to switch banks in case it affects their status.

Meet your MSP and speak up for a Just and Green Recovery from coronavirus (Wed 4 – Wed 11 November 2020)

Some tips on tackling negative comments

We don’t have to change the minds of the trolls, just the ones lurking and watching unsure yet of what to think. Also – when you start talking (reasonably) to people, it’s often not XR they’re angry with, it’s a whole load of other things.

Be careful getting into arguments with people about being hypocrites – this is THE most common internet troll attack we receive. Don’t set yourself up as the ‘good’ environmentalist, because that embeds their framing of the problem. We are all compromised by modern living which is why we need govt to bring about change. Just because we have to live in the modern world (drive cars, take trains, use computers) doesn’t mean we can’t demand change. Remember that individuals can make choices, but are not to blame – 100 companies are responsible for 71% emissions.  BP created the carbon footprint to shift the blame onto the individual.

From the Economist (Sept 2020): Consumer action on its own can only do so much. One study, led by Daniel Moran of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, examined the effect on Europe’s carbon footprint of 90 behavioural changes, such as buying low-carbon products and eating less meat. Researchers found that the maximum reduction was 24%. That is an important chunk, but not enough to defeat global warming. The conclusion is that policymakers are needed even more than consumers to push companies towards serious decarbonisation.


How to connect with Difficult MPs

The Nervous Rebel’s Guide to Social Media

Social Media Strategies

Rebel Responders Online Outreach Handbook (Troll Patrol)

Digital regeneration

Choose oil / choose life – an excellent article by writer Robert Alcock on Writers Rebel.

“I found this short video inspired and hopeful” – How regenerative farming can help heal the planet and human health

A peaceful and beautiful reminder of who XR are, and why from our friends at XR Fort William: We are XR

The Way Home by Mark Boyle: “My ideals are often one step ahead of my ability to fully embody them, and that is no bad thing”