Current digital actions

We’ve got some digital actions to get you started and some tips to help you along the way.

XR Scotland actions

Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill (CEE Bill)

Get your MP to support the crucial Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill (CEE Bill) – here’s some useful guidance and a template on what to write.

How to deal with set Conservative and Labour MP’s email responses to the CEE Bill


People have started getting in touch with their local councillors with motions on the CEE Bill already been passed by some English councils. If you haven’t yet, do send one of these draft notices of motion to your councillors:

And here is a helpful website to find out who your councillors are. Local authorities are important in pushing for change at the national level. Motions are proposals discussed and voted on at council meetings. The more councils across the UK that pass motions in favour of the CEE Bill, the more pressure is put on MPs in those areas to back the Bill in Parliament.

A sample letter for writing to your council is available but please note that you will need to adapt it.

Other actions: quick and easy

Kick polluters out of COP26!

Sign the international Ecocide Law petition

Other actions: need a bit more work

Switch to another bank – get inspired by how a Moray pensioner quit Barclays after 75 years because of its dirty investments in fossil fuels. You can also use this template bank letter to write to your bank. (Please note that those receiving benefits are not advised to switch banks in case it affects their status.



How to connect with Difficult MPs

The Nervous Rebel’s Guide to Social Media

Social Media Strategies

Rebel Responders Online Outreach Handbook (Troll Patrol)