Hubs and Global Day of Action

The COP26 Coalition and their international allies are planning a decentralised day of action for Saturday 6 November, the middle weekend of COP26.

The flagship action will be in Glasgow, but there will also be actions across the UK and worldwide.

Global Day of Action: Glasgow

In Glasgow, the action will assemble at 12pm at Kelvingrove Park, before marching to Glasgow Green for a rally at 3pm. Extinction Rebellion will have its own block in the Glasgow event.

Updated information will be published on the Coalition website and Facebook page.

Global Day of Action and local Hubs – rest of UK

The COP26 Coalition are setting up decentralised hubs across the UK to allow people to participate in protests without having to come to Glasgow. The hubs are intending to set-up a legacy of environmental, justice and coalition networks after COP26.

Find your local COP26 Coalition Hub.