XR Scotland’s COP26 Rebel Agreement

Dear Rebels,

Fàilte gu Alba! Welcome to Scotland! 

We look forward to welcoming rebels from across the globe to Glasgow for the COP26 summit. We will provide hospitality, logistical support, legal info, wellbeing, and ceilidhs to members of our XR family from scores of other nations.

As well as being part of the UK, Scotland is a nation with its own distinct history, legal system, and political context. XR Scotland is an autonomous movement with its own purpose statement:

To take urgent action in the face of climate emergency and ecological catastrophe, as part of the global justice movement.

Reflecting these facts, and in order to make the most of this opportunity for change, we request that all rebels who intend to take action around COP26 in the name of XR should abide by the five-point agreement below:

1. We will be led by, listen to, learn from, and consult with communities at the front lines of the climate and ecological crisis: those who bear the least responsibility and suffer the greatest consequences, including Indigenous peoples, vulnerable nations of the Global South, and young people everywhere. 

2. We will promote the aims and messages of these groups. We will not speak for them or over them, but will amplify their voices.

3. We will not seek to promote or benefit from any kind of prejudice or hate, but be sensitive and compassionate in our messaging and action design.

4. We will consider the impact of COP26 and of our actions on the people of Glasgow. We will consult with potentially affected communities, and avoid taking actions that disproportionately disrupt the daily lives of marginalised groups, including people of colour, disabled people, working class people, those living with poverty and homelessness, and migrants and refugees that now call Glasgow home.

5. We will demand a fair and just transition for workers and communities that are currently dependent on fossil fuel and extractivist industries, while calling for global climate and ecological justice.

In addition to respecting this agreement, we encourage other XR groups to work with the COP26 UK Civil Society Coalition, which includes XR Scotland as well as other direct action groups, NGOs, grassroots campaigns, trade unions, youth and student movements, and faith-based organisations. 

For the Earth,  

XR Scotland 

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En Français: L’Accord des Rebelles d’Extinction Rebellion Écosse pour la COP26

En Español: Acuerdo rebelde de la COP26 de XR Escocia: en español

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In het Nederlands: Rebellenovereenkomst

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