Practical information

We provide additional practical information that will be useful for XR activists coming to Glasgow. Otherwise full transport, tourist and hotel information are available from the usual websites and platforms.

Guide to Glasgow

XR Glasgow’s Guide to COP26 has practical and local information for rebels coming to Glasgow.

Accommodation for activists

You can find accommodation on the COP26 online homesharing platform.

Our Emergency Activist Accommodation Hotline is also available. Phone (+44) 0800 471 4894 and our team of helpful rebels will help you get somewhere warm and dry.

This helpline is for EMERGENCY USE ONLY. If you do not currently have accommodation sorted please do not come to Glasgow.

The Scottish winter is very cold and wet. Accommodation in Glasgow is currently in very short supply as the world descends on a city of 600,000 people.

Covid advice

Please note the Scottish government guidelines.

Cycling to COP26

This is all the information XR Glasgow has on groups cycling to COP26. We will update as more information becomes available.

People Pedal Power

Time to Cycle

You can also contact Critical Mass Glasgow on Facebook.

Weather and daylight

November in Glasgow is not an ideal time for outdoor action and protest. Temperatures can be low and it can rain a lot. On the other hand, it could be a beautiful sunny late autumn week. Come prepared for poor and inconsistent weather.

One thing to note for any action planning is that the days are a little shorter than down south. In early November, sunrise is around 8.45 am and sunset is around 4pm.