Practical information

We provide additional practical information that will be useful for XR activists coming to Glasgow. Otherwise full transport, tourist and hotel information are available from the usual websites and platforms.

Please let us know on if there’s any further information that we can provide.

Accommodation for activists

We recommend you book your accommodation as soon as possible when you know your plans for COP26. If you are finding it difficult to book accommodation in Glasgow, it may be worth looking at options further afield. Glasgow has frequent train links to Edinburgh, Stirling and Falkirk. Trains to Edinburgh take around 40 mins.

The COP26 Coalition is exploring accommodation options for activists coming to Glasgow. However, planning is currently proving to be very difficult because of Covid-19. It is unclear what accommodation options can be planned for when those options are currently not even allowed at the lowest tier of lockdown.

Current covid contingency planning anticipates reduced levels of international travel, and that there may be possible vaccine requirements for rebels and activists arriving from outside the UK.

You can contact the Coalition via their website or on Facebook or Twitter.

XR Glasgow regrettably cannot supply any accommodation. All our spare beds are already promised to activists and friends!

Public transport

Glasgow is a relatively compact city with many locations and landmarks within walking distance. There’s a useful subway as well as good train and bus links.

The city also has good train and bus links to the rest of Scotland.

Weather and daylight

November in Glasgow is not an ideal time for outdoor action and protest. Temperatures can be low and it can rain a lot. On the other hand, it could be a beautiful sunny late autumn week. Come prepared for poor and inconsistent weather.

One thing to note for any action planning is that the days are a little shorter than down south. In early November, sunrise is around 8.45 am and sunset is around 4pm.