COP26 is the most important global climate event since the Paris Agreement in 2015  and will take place between 1 and 12 of November 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland.

Main events at COP26

Information on the main events taking place at COP26.

Practical information

XR Glasgow’s Guide to COP26 has practical and local information for rebels coming to Glasgow.

Regen programme

Our programme of events will welcome and nurture the wellbeing of activists visiting Glasgow in November. You can also find info about great vegan options to eat.

COP26 Rebellion: Glasgow / local / global

If you can’t make it to Glasgow, we still want you to take action and join the COP26 Rebellion.

Sign up for COP26 Rebellion

Sign up as an individual | Sign up your Affinity Group | Coming to Glasgow? Crew needed!

You can also email XR COP on

Follow the COP26 Rebellion

Updates for all rebels going to Glasgow: Join XR Scotland Actions Broadcast

Updates for UK rebels not going to Glasgow: Join Rebellion Broadcast

Updates for all global rebels: Global Rebellion Broadcast

Scottish law for civil disobedience

Scottish law is completely different to English, Welsh and Northern Irish law and the Scottish and Community Activist Legal Project (SCALP) have published resources on activism, Scottish law and the police. It will be useful to those in organising roles and legal support roles in and around protests and activism, as well as anyone wanting to know more about their rights. SCALP’S Guide to Activism, Scottish Law and the Police.

Donate to the COP26 Rebellion

We’re joining with XR COP to fundraise for activities at COP26 in Glasgow and around the world. Donate now.

Rebel Agreement

XR Scotland have issued a rebel agreement asking all rebels at COP26 who intend to take action in the name of XR to abide by five points.

In English: Rebel Agreement

En Français: L’Accord des Rebelles d’Extinction Rebellion Écosse pour la COP26

En Español: Acuerdo rebelde de la COP26 de XR Escocia: en español