XR Highlands & Islands

There are lots of XR groups in the Highlands and Islands! Get area wide information and updates on Facebook.
You do not have to have Facebook to see Facebook events.

XR Bute

Contact XR Bute at [email protected] or join their Facebook group.

XR Fort William

Contact XR Fort William at [email protected] and signup to their newsletter.

XR Gairloch

Contact XR Gairloch at [email protected]om.

XR Oban

Contact XR Oban at [email protected].

XR Orkney

Contact XR Orkney at [email protected] or via Facebook.

XR Shetland

Get involved with XR Shetland via Facebook.

XR Skye

Find out about XR Skye at extinctionrebellionskye.org or get in touch with them at [email protected] or via Facebook.